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PTS Series High Frequency X-ray Machine
Along the Power Tree brand strict manufacturing standards, PTS series high frequency X-ray machine selected high quality metal ceramic tube matching Tree high voltage Power supply Power and cooling products, providing customers with the highest 6 kw continuous work X-ray machine.It can provide stable X-ray sources for non-destructive testing, industrial CT, biological irradiation, thickness measurement and scientific research.
The PTS X-ray machine modulator adopts high frequency double closed-loop control, which can overcome the interference and fluctuation of the external network voltage through the self-rectified power supply, and the imaging is stable.The stability of the radiation dose is fully guaranteed without interference with the fluctuation of the field power supply.Dual-pole power supply is controlled by dual modulator, which can overcome the double electrode imbalance caused by single modulator control and extend the service life of the tube.The protection function of the whole machine is strong, with the protection of kV and mA, which can set the protection value of 1% to 5% for any kV and mA value, and the slightest discharge can reach micro-second level protection.

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